Complete offer of services

We create highly accurate 3D digital interface.

Company 3D-SCV offers complex solutions in the areas of 3D laser scanning, engineering land survey and land register.

We specialize in the latest 3D scanning technology that enables us to secure highly accurate 3D environment information. 3D laser scanning offers wide range of uses. It accurately measures various objects. It is used for scanning engineering networks, buildings, production halls, machinery, equipment but also historical monuments and so.

A great advantage is high efficiency of measurements  as well as minimum inaccuracies. The measurements can take place during regular manufacturing and without any limitations to the measurements. They are safe even in more demanding conditions. In comparison to classic measurement methods, the 3D laser scanning is associated with higher quality and safety during the data acquisition and with lower costs and time needed for project completion.

Besides services related to the 3D laser scanning method  we also provide complex services in the areas of land register, as well as engineering land survey.